Modern Slavery


Everything is connected. The cars you drive will impact the climate, which will impact the lives of millions of people half-way across the globe. One of the results is instability in regions in Africa and the Middle East.

As people are trying to flee in search for the better conditions, they are sometimes caught in trafficking. And it is hard to escape from that.

Slavery is a Display of the Worst Human Qualities

slavery ring

A lot has been said about a recently discovered slavery ring in Libya. But let’s not pretend this is news.

In fact, study has estimated that over 40 million people are modern day slaves.

Think about that the next time you start complaining about how you are slaving at work for $5 an hour (or whatever is considered low pay in your country).

Or when anyone from me to the president of the United States makes a joke out of North Korea. A recently escaped solder has recently talked on CNN about being a modern day slave. We should not make a joke out of the country that is enslaving its own people.

Is that who we are?


It makes me angry and sad that this is reality if 2017. Men, women and children are sold in open markets for $400. Is this who we are?

‘Of course, not’ – you say. ‘We are better’.

And yet, tonight you will go to a fancy restaurant, maybe look for free spins without deposit or drink a pack of beer. Tomorrow you will be more preoccupied by what new Donald Trump had tweeted or how your team didn’t do well enough in the Champions League.

Understandably, the world is a vast place that can not be micro managed by you or me. But we are not talking about individuals.

On this, at least on this issue, we must come together or admit that it is who we are as humans.

Support the Freedom Project

freedom project

What is fascinating is that people will care so much about any animal cruelty issue but they won’t do the same when it comes to people. Well, if we use our own species as slaves maybe we deserve it. But it’s not about your obnoxious neighbor mowing lawn at 7:30 on Sunday.

People are sold and we need your help. Please support the Freedom Project by donating or, at least, helping to spread the word.